Current Employees

If you are a current employee, we welcome you to visit our Internal Career portal available via ConsulNet. Please click on the Career Search tab to review current openings.

Candidate Application Process

Thank you for your interest in Consulate Healthcare. The instructions below will guide you through the credentialing process that is required to be considered for employment after you have submitted your online application. Please follow the onboarding instructions if you have received an offer for employment.

Pre-Hire Instructions

  1. After submitting an online application, you will receive an email from SKILLSURVEY/Pre-Hire 360. Click the link provided in the email and submit your references electronically. You are required to submit at least one reference from your manager and two additional professional references. You as the candidate will be responsible for sending out the Skill Survey/Pre-Hire 360 report via clicking the highlighted “Submit Email to References” on the report once you have provided the reference information. The survey will be emailed to each of your references, requesting them to complete and submit for internal review. .Please note: Prior to submitting your references, make sure you have their email address and inform them that they have been submitted as a reference and will be receiving an email from SKILLSURVEY/Pre-Hire 360 to complete. The survey takes no more than five minutes and can be completed on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. You cannot be considered for employment until the references have been verified, so kindly request that they complete the survey in a timely manner.
  2. If a license is required for your position, please have a copy available for verification purposes.
  3. After at least two of your references have been verified and licenses have been submitted, you may receive an email with an offer of employment or a printed offer letter from Consulate Healthcare. Please review and sign your offer letter. All of these steps must be completed before moving forward in the hiring process.

Onboarding Instructions

  1. Congratulations! If you have accepted an offer for employment, we will require that you complete your onboarding paperwork. The facility HR Coordinator will be contacting you to make arrangements to complete all necessary new hire paperwork. This will include a background check form, federal and state tax information forms, I-9, direct deposit form, code of conduct and employee handbook. Please note: All onboarding documentation must be completed in a timely manner. A start date will not be confirmed until all paperwork is submitted.
  2. Prior to your start date, you must report to your facility to complete a drug and TB test. If you are current on your TB test from your previous employment, you may not need to submit a new one. Please inform the facility and bring a copy of your current TB test for proof.
  3. When all paperwork has been completed and you are clear for hire/start, the facility will be contacting you to confirm your start date and shift schedule so you can report for your first day of work/orientation.